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Osceola Quick Facts

Easter Decorating

Statistics and Demographics, 2010

US Census Quick Facts
US Census Quick Links (including Population and Social/Economic Characteristics)

Mississippi County
US Census Quick Facts
US Census QuickLinks (including Population and Social/Economic Characteristics)

Population: 7,757


  • Median Age: 34.4
  • Under 19: 31.7%
  • 20 - 34: 20.7%
  • 35 - 49: 17.9%
  • 50 - 64: 18.4%
  • Over 65: 11.3%


  • White: 42.7%
  • African American: 53.9%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 2.5%
  • Other: 0.9%

 For more Census Information, please visit the US Census Bureau or the IEA Census State Data Center.


Planning and Development District



Mean Daily Maximum Temperature: 72 degrees F
Mean Daily Minimum Temperature: 52 degrees F
Normal Humidity (mean daily noontime): 57%
Normal Humidity (mean daily midnight): 70%
Average Days of Temperature over 90 degrees: 53 days
Average Days of Temperature below 32 degrees: 45 days
Degree Days to 65 Degree Base: 3,137
Normal Precipitation (annual): 52.1 inches
Average Wind Speed: 8.9 mph
Prevailing Winds: South


Easter DecoratingCity Government

 Osceola's government is a mayor/council form. Osceola is a member of the Arkansas Municipal League and the Regional Planning Agency.

The Osceola community has a long range master plan for its physical growth and effective zoning ordinances which are enforced.


Fire Protection

The fire department has two stations. Osceola has sixteen paid firemen and eight volunteer firemen. The volunteer fire department is paid on per call basis. Types of firefighting apparatus include four pumpers, an aerial truck, and support equipment.

The fire department also has 5 mobile pieces of equipment. The distance from a fire station to industrial sites is one mile. Fire hydrants are located at the industrial sites. Firefighting units have the capability of combating chemical and hazardous spills.


Police Protection

The Osceola Police Department has twenty-three policemen and five auxiliary policemen. The Osceola Police Department has 23 fully-equipped patrol cars and a canine unit for crowd and drug control. Osceola Police Department protection is available to industrial sites outside the city limits.


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